Local area

Taddiport viewTaddiport is a small village at the South west side of Torrington. From the town centre you drop steeply down Mill Street to the old dairy, now derelict. The main road from Bideford comes down Limers Hill to the same point at which the road crosses the bridge. Although a single vehicle width this road is the main road to Holsworthy and the West. The Torridge Inn is right opposite the bridge at the junction of Limers Hill and Mill Street.

Taddiport BridgeThe old bridge seen across the meadows carries all the traffic from Torrington towards Holsworthy. When the river floods the bridge becomes impassible and the area up to the Torridge Inn is flooded. The village is very few houses and a bridge crossing to Torrington. The photo shows the road up the hill to Stibb Cross. The Torridge Inn is at the bottom of Limers hill, the road from Bideford. It faces the river torridge and the bridge across it. To the best of my knowledge it has been closed since 2009.

Taddiport DairyAcross the road is the now derelict creamery site. The rear of the site is used fairly frequently by a road transport company. If you enter and pass through to the end you will find the Rolle road, the original road and you may walk or cycle all the way along to the Puffing Billy public house whare it joins the Tarka trail to Bideford. This stack was demolished but the site remains a blot on the landscape.